An Interview Regarding High Class Sex Work – Amber Bernard


About Amber Bernard - High Class International Sex Worker

In some traditional countries, elite prostitution is considered something shameful and even forbidden. However, in the West, VIP escort services s considered to be one of the services of the highest category. Although there are plenty of escort agencies to be found on the net, they mostly are associated with mediocre services. However speaking about classy escorts let’s take a look at the example of Amber Bernard, a well-known high-paid luxury companion and one of the best UK escort girls that is represented by the top escort agency. As a highly paid escort, Amber Bernard has her own manager who negotiates for her rates. None of Ava’s clients will be the first to talk on the phone. She has a manager who prepares all the organizational moments. The manager has to present the client to Amber, and study his wishes, and requirements, after which a scenario of the escort woman’s further actions is developed. Although some business people who are in San Francisco may not always be able to get Ava’s approval, they can expect a long-term relationship or choose an high-end escorts in London Bernard’s practical experience with high class London escorts is most likely atypical, as it is the result of her successful physiological characteristics. The girl is tall, attractive and has long legs in the traditional sense. Plus the image of the girl will be youth, education and white skin color. Thanks to these features, the girl knows that her success will depend 100% on the parameters of the escort’s looks, and even make her compete with the high-class London escorts. The color of the skin will be decisive for the escort, as the American police do not consider the white prostitute a victim (although this rule does not apply in all states of America). Education and appearance allow a girl to earn at least 0 “for cocktails”. But for weekend dates, the girl will take all 10 thousand dollars. By the way, Amber has a page on one of the escort website. The charming, smart girl was often the object of curious and serious stories. In her opinion, she has achieved everything in life, although she believes that not often enough goes to the gym. The escort is actively involved in public life. Amber is a member of human rights organization defending the social interests in the United States. She is always involved in gay pride in San Francisco and even has a master’s degree in psychology. Ambers's current goal is to make the work of sex escorts official.

Notes Taken From an Interview with Amber Bernard

How’s a typical client meeting going?

Ambers manager accepts the application and specifies the details. Amber then talks to the client herself. Both sides get to know each other over the phone. Very often, the first session starts with lunch and a conversation, somewhere in a restaurant or elsewhere. Amber talks about literature, art, and philosophy, the lady escorts the client, but the theme of politics is taboo. The male brain is an important sexual organ, according to Ava, and says how to introduce yourself to the client, that’s how he will get excited in the future. The male brain will get a portion of excitement from interacting with an escort and will be ready for sexual discharge. But it’s not just one restaurant that costs a meeting. The male brain needs a portion of excitement, and Amber offers the client an escort outcall – visit the exhibition, art performance, favourite bar, and only then do both partners get closer.

Are there any unusual situations for an escort girl?

Ava says she’s had some unusual escort situations in her entire life. One of the clients picked her up as a travel companion on a light-engine flight to New Mexico. The second interesting case she told is about the couple’s attitude, where husband and wife find common ground with each other and travel escort is the link between them. Ava loves to look at this couple during sex, she is overwhelmed with feelings, and even more so than “Eyes wide open”. She does escort shopping for ,000, and escort service in London, boring beach parties at famous resorts. There is the most obscene thing in this industry when escort colleagues meet together and provide you with services according to your wishes. For example, eight beauties swim in the pool and pour you champagne, as it is the client’s wish.

Do escorts have a personal life?

Ava doesn’t consider herself a deeply unhappy man because of a lack of male attention. In her opinion, she has become better at understanding the vulnerability of male psychology and physiology than other women. The escort has become her companion a psychologist, mistress and wife to many clients, so she now has no desire and desire to build a personal life.

Is it necessary to trade in a female body?

Ava thinks that any woman, even if she’s married and happy, trades her body. The difference is what the “selling body” format is for an escort and a loving wife. Sexual gratification is the outcome of any case when it comes to…


Post Interview Comments - Is Sex Work Legal?

  The legality of sex work is a convoluted bag that varies from country to country (Or just one particular State in America). Check Local Legislation     Resources Regarding Legality in Various Countries
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