VIP Travel Companion Essentials: Beauty Handbook

VIP Travel Companion Essentials: Beauty Handbook Dear sophisticated companions, welcome to the Beauty Handbook edition on Grooming essentials, a selection of basic grooming standards that we expect from our beautiful escorts companions. Natural beauty is your best asset. Before make-up and an outfit choice it is all down to clear skin, polished nails, shiny hair and a bright smile. Find below the essential list of our grooming expectations you need to comply with, especially if you are a beginner escort model or just started working with us. Unlike mainstream escort companies, we request a filter-free video self-presentation that is focused on your fresh face. Read more on All the little help we need: extensions, permanent makeup and surgeries (coming soon) Read more on The world’s prime beauty destinations (coming soon)




Clear skin, a bright smile and healthy hair are the base for a glowing and polished look.
No make-up can hide acne, dull skin tone or puffiness.
A brief guide to clear skin:
A. Food, smoking and alcohol affect your skin
Sugary, fat, processed and dairy foods may cause acne outbreaks and redness
Smoking usually results in wide pores and dull/grey skin tone
Alcohol consumption may result in puffiness and dark circles that indicate water retention and poor liver function.
B. Drink plenty of water.
At least 2,5-3 litres a day. Water detoxifies your body and results in moisturised and clear skin.
Tea, coffee and juice do not count. Only pure natural water.
C. Discover your skin type
Your daily beauty routine products depend on your skin type.
Oily skin requires better cleansing while dry type needs proper nourishing. That is why the same beauty product would not be equally good for everyone.
D. Detox
Despite of a busy social agenda, every best escort companion finds time for herself. Cut on alcohol and eat healthy at least for a couple of days a week. A week-long detox break once every 6 months will do miracles for your skin.
E. Remove make-up before bedtime religiously.
Facial cleansing and night moisturiser (or an overnight mask as an option) will help you to wake us with a fresh face and to avoid premature skin ageing. Tip: keep a pack of wet cleansing wipes at your bedside table, so you can cleanse your face even if you are very tired.
F. Include peeling and facial masks
(according to your skin type) into your weekly routine. Removing dead cells reveal fresh and bright skin and masks deep cleanse, nourishing, tightening and moisturise.
G.Beauty tools
Use easy and affordable beauty tools daily at home:
ICE ROLLER is a great alternative for an iconic ice cube face wash and GUA SHA scrapping will help you to avoid puffiness.
H. Learn from the pro.
There are plenty of youtube and Instagram channels on skincare.
Choose the influencers you like and follow them for pro tips.
Our current favourite pro tool is NUFACE micro-current tool. It reduces puffiness, improves circulation and evens out skin tone.


Most of our customers don’t smoke so your fresh breath is essential.
If you are a smoker, we would appreciate it if you avoid smoking for the entire duration of the date. However, if the necessity to smoke is urging, please ask for your date’s permission. Never smoke indoors (unless he does and invites you to do the same). On the date, please buy and use mint mouthwash after each smoked cigarette. In the modern world, successful people are smoke-free and we hope you can join the healthy lot soon.
Healthy white teeth are essential. We appreciate that visiting a dentist regularly can be tricky at times, but for those who feel in need, here are ideas for discrete straightening LEARN ABOUT INVISALIGN.
To whiten the teeth there are efficient ZOOM WHITENING, AFFORDABLE WHITENING HOME KIT and gentle HOME WHITENING STRIPES.
And finally, for our high-class escorts in London here is A GOOD DENTAL CLINIC.

  • A GOOD DENTAL CLINIC for our high class escorts in London


Our supermodel escorts companions are all from different origins and they feature all types of hair from Scandinavian blonde to Afro. Whatever your hair colour, healthy and shiny hair and impeccable hair styling are essential.

  • Cut off split ends and burned bleached/coloured hair
  • Always use nutritious hair masks
  • Use sulphate-free shampoos
  • Learn basic styling for model escort trips. So you would not depend on local hair salons.
  • Invest in styling tools. We recommend GHD straighteners that double as a curler
  • TAN

    4. FAKE TAN

    Dark shades, as well as an orange undertone of fake tan, are way out of fashion.

    If using fake tan use only 1-3 shades darker than your original skin tone, so that fake tan would not get patchy over time in sweaty areas.

    For homemade sun-kissed glow, we recommend using ORGANIC SELF TANNING OIL or GRADUAL TAN MOISTURISING LOTION

    Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin before any fake tan application.





    Think princess nails: feminine, discrete and classy. Choose short or medium length with nude, classic red or french polish.

    Avoid bright or dark colours, extra length or any nail design, that may seem trendy for a season but quickly goes out of fashion. Keep it classy and classic.

    If using permanent or semi-permanent colour make sure to get a fresh manicure every 10 days and a pedicure every 3-4 weeks. Avoid untidy nail growth.

    For regular polish avoid even the smallest chip.




    We all know that good beauty products might be expensive. Here are a few tips on keeping the beauty regime on a budget:

    A. HOMEMADE BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Research the recipes of homemade scrubs and masks for your skin type. You can effortlessly make great beauty products without leaving your kitchen.

    B. Try products in-store and don’t be shy to ask for samples

    Our lovely London high-class escorts companions can benefit from department stores like Selfridges and Harrods, as well as pop-up cosmetic stores in Covent garden that are very popular. We are charmed by the legendary Charlotte Tilbury flagship store

    C. Expensive does not mean good for you.

    Every skin is unique. Make sure you’ve tried the product before you bought it.

    We know for a fact that an elaborate beauty routine is doable without big spending.

    D. For silky smooth body skin use exfoliating gloves. It will not take up much space in your travel bag and are way cheaper than a jar of scrub.

    E. Use mini travel jars for short trips, so you would not be obliged to check your luggage in (luggage weight restrictions apply).

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